Jake Tieman
pixel2_board copy.jpg

Google Pixel 2

Google is where most people end up when they have questions.
For the Pixel 2 campaign we wanted users to ask more from their phone.

The design system was built around the idea that Pixel 2 solves for the problems
that real users experience every day. Using a split composition we created a
question and answer construct that called attention to specific features of the Pixel 2. 


To diversify Pixel 2 from a mostly neutral and sleek competitive market we relied heavily
on the Google brand colors to provide warmth and distinction to the campaign. 


For the feature work we shot all the images using a Pixel 2, which currently
holds the title as the highest-rated camera in the market.


Our design system created responsive break-points to make the typography as large
as possible across the campaign. The friendliness and simplicity of the large type was important
in remaining approachable and "Googley" in nature. 


To maintain the established aesthetic across an international campaign we created a detailed guide on how to produce our layouts using percentages of the Super G to create the artwork in a consistent manner.